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The Bluff Trail in Huron, New York is the northernmost section of the Chimney Bluffs State Park trail system along Lake Ontario, ranging from the Garner Road picnic area on the West to the stair access at East Bay Road on the East. Nestled in between Great Sodus Bay and East Bay, Chimney Bluffs is a one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon and landmark of Wayne County and New York State. The most intimate land-based views of the exceptionally unique clay Chimneys are found along the 1.25 miles of the Bluff Trail.

Join a family-sized contingent on a video hike of the Bluff Trail by viewing the Wayne County Life footage below. It was filmed on a gloriously windy day, 14 July 2009, with Ospreys soaring and Lake Ontario white-caps rolling.

Direct link to Bluff Trail video

Ever been to Chimney Bluffs? What did you think of the Bluff Trail? Wayne County Life asks that all share their experience by posting a Comment to this story.


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1 Comment to "North Huron Bluff Trail"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    It was a good hike with beautiful views. The trail is narrow and steep in places. I saw people with dogs there - not something I'd recommend doing. I was also a little worried about poison ivy. I had shorts on - thinking that the trail was going to be wider. Lucky for me I didn't get any! We hiked East on the trail from the picnic area, and all the way down to the Garner Rd. access. Coming back we hiked the Drumlin Trail and then back west on the E-W trail. I don't recommend that either. Stay on the Bluff Trail. The wind off the lake keeps the bugs away. Further into the wooded area the insects are killers. I was being attacked by deer flies(I think?) and had numerous painful bites. They were burrowing in my hair. ICK! My husband is not an outdoorsy kind of guy, so the return hike pretty much ruined the trip for him....

    Posted on Wed Aug 19, 07:50:00 AM EDT


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