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When starting the Wayne County Life community initiative, we knew there would come a point when sponsorship would become necessary in order to maintain our momentum and propel forward growth. It appears that time has arrived.

The Wayne County Life team seeks to celebrate our Erie Canal villages, our towns and hamlets on the Lake Ontario Seaway Trail, our backbone of history, nature, and people. Wayne County Life is doing this for the community—and more importantly with the community.

We do not claim that Wayne County Life as a website is changing lives. What we are confident of though, is that the people connected to the Wayne County Life movement are. It is evident that others think so too. Wayne County Life has hundreds of fans on Facebook, hundreds of followers on Twitter, and nearing 100 email and RSS subscribers.  The Wayne County Life website receives hits from hundreds of unique visitors each day.

So—how does a person or organization become a sponsor of Wayne County Life? There are a few ways, and our intent is for sponsorship to make sense and offer choice for our community partners.

Financial Sponsorship*

This is an important one. Wayne County Life is a costly venture. Our main cost is time—and much time is put into the Wayne County Life effort. We also have costs such as equipment maintenance (cameras, computers, vehicles) and utilities, as might be expected.

To provide financial sponsorship of Wayne County Life, we have a unique system. We believe that sponsorship of a community initiative like ours should be directly proportional to the value we provide. What is Wayne County Life worth to you?

Sponsorship in any amount is appreciated and no matter how large or small, it will work to keep Wayne County Life efforts going. That means our website, yes, and the stories—it also means the connecting of leaders and the promotion of our amazing slice of New York State. Those things are built into all that we do at Wayne County Life.

So ask yourself “What is Wayne County Life worth to me?” and if there is a way you can represent that financially as a sponsorship, please click on the Sponsor button below to enter an amount of your choice.

Services Sponsorship

Wayne County Life—after all—is a Wayne County community initiative and there may be other ways which community residents and organizations can provide sponsorship that makes more sense for both parties. In our current U.S. service economy, there are some great service providers of all kinds in Wayne County, New York and the Finger Lakes Region. If you have a service that you are able to provide as your sponsorship to Wayne County Life, please send an email message to info@waynecountylife.com with “Services Sponsorship” in the subject line and the nature of your sponsorship service in the body of the message.

Readership and Story Contributions

Our favorite type of sponsorship is having people and organizations reading and contributing to Wayne County Life stories. Do this and you’re sponsoring Wayne County Life.

Sponsorship Benefits

What does a Sponsor get out of it?

A Wayne County Life sponsor will receive positive exposure in our web content to include blog-style stories, sponsorship blocks and banners, contextual hyperlinks wherever possible, and photos and video on the Wayne County Life website. Our sponsors will also gain exposure on the many social media platforms that we engage in, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, and more. In short, Wayne County Life sponsorship will make your organizations or interests visible in new and exciting ways that are unachievable in traditional marketing. People are not watching as many TV ads, reading as many newspaper or magazine ads, or listening to as many radio commercials as previous generations. How many even think to look up a company in the Yellow Pages? If people are congregating and engaging with media content online and if people are working and playing online, shouldn't we meet them in that space to show them what our local businesses and communities have to offer?

A dedicated and precise sponsorship package could possibly be developed in the future, for example to ensure that you have a banner or block on the homepage. Currently, sponsorship will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. All sponsorships will be honored with due care.

*NOTE: Financial sponsorship for Wayne County Life is handled by FLX Web Solutions, a Wayne County Web Marketing & Services company founded by Seth C. Burgess and Mark De Cracker in 2005. Seth C. Burgess is the Editor and Publisher of Wayne County Life and his father-in-law Mark De Cracker is the Chief Photographer and Videographer. A transferral of finances to FLX Web Solutions should—in effect—be considered the same as a direct transferral to the Wayne County Life sponsorship program.


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