two thousand twenty
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By John Addyman


CLIFTON SPRINGS – Starting goalkeeper Nate Otero took a knee to the schnoz in the first half, and came out of the game. Jack Timerson, who had never played goalie, stepped in. At the end of the afternoon, Timerson had made eight saves, some of them downright acrobatic.

Scott Fagner played the entire game with his left arm in a cast.

Vincente Andrades started the game as a striker, one of the best in the league, and ended up as the sweeper back – where he saved the game.

James Jock, Derrick White and Daron Thurston scored…and they got lots of practice in the meantime. Newark outshot Midlakes 28-14.

Put all the pieces together and you wonder how Newark won this afternoon, but win they did.

The Reds took a 1-0 lead in the first half, saw the Screaming Eagles come back with two goals to start the second half, then pressed down to get two of their own for a pretty wild win, 3-2.

Otero was the first casualty with 24:22 left in the first half. He dove for a loose ball just as Midlakes forward Colby Orlando got to it. Orlando’s knee crunched Otero square on the nose and the collision stunned the Newark keeper. There was no trainer at the game, so Reds’ coach Sandy Bueso parked Otero for the afternoon and tapped Timerson, the sweeper back who has been playing rock-solid defense.

With 11:50 in the half and Newark fully in control of the pace of the game, Kaleb Brinkman had a clear shot at the net and drew Midlakes keeper Nigel Honczek out of the space in front of the net. Brinkman didn’t shoot, he flicked the ball to Jock, who was coming in behind the goalie for an easy first goal. That was the scoring for the first half.

On the sidelines, Bueso was beside himself – his team had taken 16 shots but had just the one score. The game was too close for all the time Newark had spent in front of Honczek.

Midlakes noticed, and at 35:29, Eagle attacker Nick VanderWeide broke free in front of Timerson and hammered a shot into the upper left-hand corner of the net. Tie score.

Eight minutes later, Midlakes got the lead on a pretty play where Emanuel Savellano brought the ball upfield and challenged Timerson, then eased a quick pass to Edwin Resindiz to finish the play. Resindiz had an open net in front of him, but Timerson dove for the ball and the Midlakes player just got the ball past, then flipped over Timerson.

Bueso made two changes that turned the game around – he took Andrades, Newark’s leading scorer from last year, and put him on the back defensive line, where his quickness and ball-handling put an almost instant stopper in the Midlakes offense. Then Bueso set Derick White, a state-level sprinter, on the right side…and let him loose.

With 19 minutes left to play, White zipped up the right sideline with the ball, left the last defender in his socks, and blasted a pea at Honczek. The keeper got some fingers on the ball, but it rolled in – just. Tie game.

Four minutes later, Thurston took the ball on a breakaway from midfield, sent by Kevin Zappia, and connected on a shot that went across the goal and past Honzek. Game.

Bueso marveled at Tierson’s performance and noted that Eric Diamond, the stopper back, had stepped up big-time for the Reds. “And Jack did a phenomenal job,” he said. “He played excellent goal for someone who’s in the net for the first time.”

“We make progress every day,” he said. “We just can’t put the ball in the net.”

The Reds are 2-4-0 (2-2 league).


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