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Wayne County Life is an online storybook, a guide, and a collection of voices, images, and activities portraying life in all of Wayne County, New York and the flavorful communities therein. Wayne County Life is not an attempt at a digital newspaper; we do not want it to be. Wayne County Life is something different.

While we do publish press releases in the interest of community involvement, the brunt of our work represents an initiative to discover not the things we "need", but all that which we already have. Wayne County Life contributors go out and do and see things in Wayne County and hope to encourage others to do the same--be it items of Nature, History, or the People & Commerce of Wayne County's communities. Contributors chronicle these missions by taking notes, photos, and video--and then share their experiences by posting a story on Wayne County Life so that others might either read about them or choose to have similar adventures of their own.

The Wayne County Life team seeks to celebrate Wayne County and offer to its residents all the right reasons to love where they live. Some might think it difficult to grasp how wonderful a place this is--yet from the Finger Lakes to the Erie Canal to Lake Ontario, it ought to be overwhelmingly self-evident to all that Wayne County is a true gem. Wayne County Life invites all to enjoy discovering Wayne County with us, and to always be open to gaining a new perspective.

The comment area below each posted Wayne County Life story is an important function of our website; we encourage site visitors to use the space to engage in conversation with one another. When two or more people share feelings, knowledge, and ideas...magic happens.

Wayne County Life acknowledges that reports on government proceedings and community events in newspaper format are important for recording local history, and that the newspapers of Wayne County have performed this duty well in the past and will continue to do the same in the future given the support of readership in Wayne County communities. What is yet missing though--in a sizable effort--is the spirit of pride and ownership that is rightfully owed to our land of rolling drumlins and meandering creeks, our history of commerce on the Erie Canal, and the hard work that is being done today to break free from a society of doom and gloom. 

Wayne County Life aims to ensure that good news-makers are receiving the abundance of visibility they deserve. Take away the front-page photos of car accidents, take away the mug shots of those fallen into criminal behavior, take away the bureaucratic red tape, the overplay of finance in dictating the direction of our lives, and the impersonal and non-reflective march of "progress", and the wonders of the world around us will become unveiled. That is Wayne County Life.


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7 Comments to "About Wayne County Life"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Bravo Seth!! It is great to see some posotive influence and direction for the local community. So many times have I heard someone say "O there is nothing to do in wayne county". Everytime I hear someone say this I think to myself, Either they are lazy and have not looked into what is in the local area or they just dont know what wayne county really has to offer. I am saving up to buy some kayaks for my fiance and I, and then we will be checking out some of the local creeks. I will try to get some video for you.
    Steven LaPlant

    Posted on Fri Apr 16, 07:28:00 AM EDT

  2. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Thanks for the note Steve--your words are very encouraging.

    Starting into kayaking is an excellent idea, given all the great waterways we have locally here in Wayne County. I look forward to some trip reports from you in the future!

    Posted on Fri Apr 23, 10:46:00 AM EDT

  3. Stephanie Knarr Said,

    Seth -
    Well said! I want to say that I am proud to be a contributor to this site, but even more honored to be part of your team that makes it worth reading. I look forward to sharing more of what GREAT things Wayne County has to offer when the days of doom and gloom seem to linger. Sometimes when one is looking for that cloud with the silver lining, I hope that they have found here at Wayne County Life!

    Posted on Wed Nov 03, 11:46:00 AM EDT

  4. Gil Burgess Said,

    Makes me proud to be his Dad! --- Wait a minute, I already was!!!

    Posted on Thu Nov 04, 01:36:00 PM EDT

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