two thousand twenty
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This week's Thursday night movie at the Ohmann Theatre in Lyons, NY is Intermezzo. It is part of the ongoing 70th Anniversary Film Classics 1939 Retropsective presented by the Lyons Main Street Program.

Intermezzo movie poster

Intermezzo, also known as Intermezzo: A Love Story, is about a young pianist (Ingrid Bergman) as the piano teacher of a child (Ann Todd) whose father (Leslie Howard)--happily married--is a violinist. The characters of Bergman and Howard fall helplessly in love.

Intermezzo is a 1939 Hollywood remake of a 1936 Swedish film by the same name and stars Ingrid Bergman in her first U.S. role. Intermezzo is best known as Bergman's American debut, launching her career toward becoming a world star. An interesting fact I found when looking up background information on Intermezzo: A Love Story is that Bergman starred in both the Swedish and American versions of the film. From the clip I watched on the Turner Classic Movies website, the music in Intermezzo sounds incredible.

NOTE: Each dollar taken in at the box office goes towards the new village signs for Lyons. The first of the signs is in production with a target installation date before Peppermint Days (July 8 - 12, 2009). The Winston Dobbins' Old Geezer Network will be participating in the 1939 Retrospective again and there are ways the Geezer members can garner extra points for use in the ongoing competition  to determine the favorite Lyons High School graduating class. Details are in the daily GeezerMail.


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