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As part of its ongoing Adult Education Classes, the North Rose-Wolcott Central School District will be hosting a program called Fishing Our Local Waters on 26 May 2009, 2 June 2009, and 9 June 2009. Time for each program is 1800 - 2000, location is the North Rose-Wolcott High School in Room 312, and the cost per participant is 30 dollars.
This class will cover all things concerning fishing our local waters. We will discuss catching pan fish, bass, perch, pike, trout and salmon and walleye. We will explore stream, pond, bay and lake fishing. Tackle, techniques, cleaning and cooking fish will be discussed in a friendly, easy to understand manner. Casting, drifting, trolling and shore fishing will be covered. The class will be structured around your desire to be a better catcher. Our local waters offer some of the worlds best freshwater fishing experiences. Presented by a local guide and life long fishing bum. - NRWCS Cougar Pride newsletter, May 2009
Fish Wayne County!


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2 Comments to "Fishing Wayne County Waters"

  1. Belinda McElroy Said,

    This is a great idea. This would be fun to do for a great get-a-way at a B&B, like Maxwell Creek in the spring and fall. Any possibilities?

    Posted on Fri May 22, 09:57:00 AM EDT

  2. Sara Visconti Said,

    Anyone who is interested in any Adult Ed. classes we offer can contact me at 594-3141 or by email at svisconti@nrwcs.org. Unfortunately, the classes start on Tuesday, so if they are interested they would have to contact me before 3:30 pm today.

    Thanks for highlighting our programs on your website!

    Sara Visconti
    North Rose-Wolcott District Office

    Posted on Fri May 22, 01:03:00 PM EDT


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