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 SUBMITTED by Mark De Cracker, Lyons Chamber of Commerce (17-May-2009)

A group of community volunteers came together to plant flowers in G. Winston Dobbins Park in Lyons, NY on 16 May 2009,  from 0900 - 1200 as part of a continuing effort to turn G. Winston Dobbins Park into one of the best parks in Wayne County.

 Lyons, New York volunteers at G. Winston Dobbins Park

Another day and another community victory! On behalf of the Lyons Chamber of Commerce and the citizens of Lyons I would like to thank the over 35 people who showed up to plant flowers, paint picnic tables, mow the lawn, hang new flags and buntings, and even plant a "Mint Garden."  Winston sure would be proud! A special thanks is due to the Lyons Youth Ambassadors for showing up on such short notice.  One of my favorite photo memories of the day shows Patty Alena (Peppermint Patty) planting mint with Gino Colatarci, who is currently a Junior at Lyons Central School. And how could we forget Lucy Dobbins playing with the extra paint her father spilled off the picnic table?  I hope the clothes she was wearing at the time weren't her "Sunday best".

Pat Alena and Gino Colatarci planting Peppermint (Mark De Cracker | WCL photographer)

As our group of Lyons volunteers finished planting flowers the rains came, so there was no need to water the plants.  For any who have yet to visit G. Winston Dobbins Park, take a few minutes over the upcoming summer months to buy a hot dog from one of our local hot dog stands and have a picnic in what I truly believe to be one of the best parks in Wayne County.

The flower planting event at G. Winston Dobbins Park was made possible by Sean Dobbins (flowers donation) and Nima's Pizzeria (sheet pizzas donation to feed our hungry workers).


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