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SUBMITTED by Mark De Cracker, Peppermint Cottage Bed and Breakfast (22-May-2009)

A journey of 50 years has brought together a small group of bikers now passing through Wayne County--fifty years since graduating from college. These three gentlemen met through a common interest: biking.

Charles F. Dunbar, Oliver E. Seikel, and Matthew J. Sobel

After first meeting and talking to each other, the three discovered that they had all graduated in 1959.
  • Charles F. Dunbar, Harvard University Class of 1959
    • currently a Professor of International Relations at Boston University
    • State Department foreign service officer from 1962-1993, including ambassadorship to Qatar, Yemen, and Afghanistan
  • Oliver E. Seikel, MIT Class of 1959
    • currently a lawyer and active member of the Canal Society of Ohio
  • Matthew J. Sobel, Columbia College Class of 1959
    • currently a Professor of Industrial Economics at the Weatherhead School of Management

 In front of the Peppermint Cottage in Lyons, NY

Charles F. Dunbar, Oliver E. Seikel, and Matthew J. Sobel started biking on their current trek in Cleveland, Ohio and are continuing all the way to Boston, Massachusetts. Matthew is leaving the group in Albany to go to NYC. They are now biking the Erie Canal and will be blogging their story. Wayne County Life will be checking back with the bikers around 2 June 2009 to learn more about their journey. The three gentlemen were very interested in Wayne County's section of the historic Erie Canal and were very impressed with the signage for the 15 Miles on the Erie Canal trail program. They were also very impressed with the 50 miles of murals and are excited to view the murals as they ride eastward today.

Taking photos of the Jackson Schoolhouse Mural

 Jackson School Mural while being painted by James Zeger


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1 Comment to "Journey of 50 Years Brings Bikers Together"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Oliver Seikel completes his 800-mile bike trek to Boston to attend his Class of 1959's 50th Reunion at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):


    Posted on Thu Sep 17, 10:05:00 AM EDT


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