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SUBMITTED by Edson Ennis, Winston Dobbins' Old Geezer Network (23-May-2009)

Attached is the map location of the Hotchkiss mills on Ashley St. (Slatersville), off Leach Rd. and south of NYCRR tracks. H.G. Hotchkiss had many children to help in those affairs; H.G's son H.G. II was instrumental in bringing the sugar beet industry to NY State. Around 1900, he built the processing building, later know as Hemingway Canning or Domedary, under the name "Empire State Sugar Co."--and shortly after restructured as "Lyons Beet Sugar Refining Co."

 Hotchkiss Mills on Canandaigua Outlet

Also attached are two important mills of early Lyons. The oldest is the Jacob Leach Mill on the south bank of the Ganargua R. with his warehouse located in the present day Hotchkiss Peppermint building. The warehouse was sold to the Hotchkiss Co. sometime in the 1880's or early 90's, and the mill continued until removal by the present canal.

 Jacob Leach Mill on Garnargua Creek

Ira Mirrick built the raceway and mill located on the east side of Geneva St. (corner Shuler St and Rt. 31), last known as the Shuler Mill destroyed by fire in 1896.

 Mirrick / Shuler Mill on the Clyde River

Another interesting notation in the Mirrick Mill attachment is the mark "Elm Tree", also known as the "Council Tree", on the north side of the Clyde River reportedly marking the exact site where the first settlers stepped ashore. The location of the Council Tree best aligns with modern maps on Elm St. in Lyons (lower Water St).


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1 Comment to "Mill Locations in Lyons"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    A few mills among many in Lyons. It is interesting how the natural waterways have been consumed by the current Erie Canal!

    Posted on Tue May 26, 11:29:00 AM EDT


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