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Lyons High School senior Paige Durham was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Paige is known to many as Dorothy from this Spring's musical, "The Wizard of Oz." As she undergoes treatments at Strong Memorial Hospital, she is keeping her family, friends, community, and complete strangers updated by way of her journal entries at http://caringbridge.org/visit/paige_durham. People may also read her guest book and leave messages on that site.

Students, staff, and communities around Wayne County have been pulling together to offer Paige and her family support in many forms. The students and staff at the Lyons schools have done various activities to offer support and raise funds including "Paving a Pathway for Paige", which is a paper "yellow brick road" that includes messages of encouragement for Paige and her family, a family-oriented walk and carnival, and a sale of "Prayers for Paige" t-shirts. On Wednesday, May 20, at 7:30 PM there will be a community prayer service at the Lyons United Methodist Church. A blood drive in Paige's honor will be hosted at the Sodus Bible Baptist Church on Saturday, May 30.

Yellow paper bricks in support of Paige Durham

Yellow brick road paved with $1 paper bricks

Yellow bricks covering the walls of Lyons Central School

Prayers for Paige t-shirt design

Group photo from Prayers for Paige

Paige Durham's friends

Wayne County Life readers may add to this story or show support for Paige by adding a comment below. A Prayers for Paige group has also formed on Facebook.


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3 Comments to "Prayers for Paige"

  1. Gregory Maddock Said,

    First I just want to say that, as a college student returning to Lyons for the summer, it is great to come home to a community that is being so supportive and caring of Paige. There are so many great things going on in support of Paige and her family, and I would encourage everyone to get involved! Mr. De Cracker mentioned that a group has formed on Facebook called "Prayers for Paige." When I joined the group when it first began about a month ago, there were 24 people involved. Now there are over 1,000 members of "Prayers for Paige." Thank you, Wayne County Life, for recognizing this remarkable story!

    Posted on Tue May 19, 04:32:00 PM EDT

  2. Jessica Burgess Said,

    Lyons, a small town, is truly a community I am proud to be from. It is amazing to see everyone coming together as a community to support one another. It takes a team to make change and progress. Thank you to all for supporting and recognizing the power and importance of working together as a community. I hope all from Lyons know the remarkable things that can be done when people forget about their indifferences and join hands to make a difference as a community that truly cares.

    Posted on Tue May 19, 10:48:00 PM EDT

  3. Videomark Said,

    Love is the Greatest of All

    Love is the greatest of joys
    It brings us hope
    It brings us faith
    When our days are dark with despair
    We may lose our faith
    And all hope is lost
    But love provides us the guiding light
    With support from friends and prayers from within

    Posted on Thu May 21, 09:26:00 AM EDT


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