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SUBMITTED by Mary Piekunka, Sodus Chamber of Commerce (29-May-2009)

Planning a vacation close to home? Stop in at the Sodus Point Information Center, and pick up maps and brochures to help you plan your trip. The Sodus Point Information Center is located in Willow Park next to the playground. It will open May 23 for Memorial Day weekend and will only be open weekends until June 20, when it will open daily. Hours are 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. thru September 6.

Wayne County Information Center in Sodus Point, New York

The new Wayne County Visitor Guide is now available to help you plan trips close to home. To name a few attractions, local communities have museums, historical sites, and parks to offer. The guide also lists accomodations, restaurants, boat launches, charter boats, and much more. The Information Center will also carry the "I Love New York", the "Seaway Journal", "Hiking and Biking", various county pamphlets, and a wealth of other information. Someone is always available to help you, and our friendly staff can show you what information you will need.

Just by stopping in the Information Center, you will be visiting a local historical building. It was used years ago by the workers employed by the coal trestle. The workers would come to the building to get their work assignments as to which ship they would loal the coal. The coal came by railroad cars from Pennsylvania, and after the ships were loaded, the coal was taken to Oswego or Canada. The coal trestle, which burned down in 1971, was replaced by a marina.


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