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Wayne County, New York is a canvas on which Nature has chosen to paint beautiful Spring Wildflowers. Take a video tour of Wayne's Wildflowers in the below scenes from Mark DeCracker's A Walk on the Wildside two-part series. Wayne County, NY wildflower highlights in the video include:
  • White Trillium
  • Bloodroot
  • Hepatica
  • Trout Lily
  • Dutchman's Breeches
  • Spring Beauty
  • Cut-leaved Toothwort
  • Red Trillium
  • Squirrel Corn
  • Marsh Marigold
  • Christmas Fern
  • Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Wayne's Wildflowers Part One

Wayne's Wildflowers Part Two

Words from the filmmaker:
Is there any season that is more enjoyed than the coming of Spring? The arrival of Spring is a special season we all look forward to. In the future, the arrival of Spring could well be a festival of Wayne's Wildflowers. Spring woodland wildflowers grow all over the northeast woods, but there is something special about the wildflowers of Wayne County. With the rolling drumlins of Wayne County, and natural bays and bogs, we have been blessed by Nature. The Spring woodland flowers blossom with the arrival of the Spring Beauty in early April to the Showy Lady Slipper in later June. Wayne County is blessed with a more diverse selection of wildflowers in our woods than anywhere else in the Northeast. The diversity of an acid bog and the drumlin woods create this carpet of wildflowers. Zurich Bog with its acid base gives us the wildflowers that are predominantly found in the Adirondacks. The Beech/Maple drumlins give us a soil base that encourages woodland wildflowers that are breathtaking. - Mark L. DeCracker (Lyons, NY)
Video footage in A Walk on the Wildside was shot in April and May of 2005.


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