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The Believe You Can Achieve mural at 28 Canal Street in Lyons, New York is being dedicated on Saturday 13 June 2009 starting at 1300 (1pm). This Mural Mania dedication event will include door prize drawings, a 50/50 raffle, and several activities throughout the afternoon; a schedule of events is provided below.

Believe You Can Achieve mural in Lyons, New York

Mural Dedication Schedule of Events

1pm – 2pm: Mural Dedication Ceremony
2pm – 4pm: Building Tour of Family Education Center
2:15pm – 2:30pm: Rochester “In Control” Dance Performance
2:30pm – 2:45pm: Goal ChaserZ Step Team Performance
2:45pm – 3pm: Goal ChaserZ Drama Skit
3pm – 4pm: Street Dance with DJ Cesar Ortiz in ‘Greenspace’

Believe You Can Achieve It is a Goal ChaserZ accomplishment; work was completed on the mural in 2008. Goal ChaserZ is a Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Youth Development Program in Lyons, New York operating with the able leadership of Director Kyra Yon and her staff. The 80' x 14' mural artwork was done by Corky Goss and Chip Miller of Art in Public Places; Corky and Chip have completed several other murals throughout Wayne County along the Mural Mania Trail. The building on which the mural is painted is owned by the Wayne County Action Program.

Believe You Can Achieve dedication plaque

The above plaque which accompanies Believe You Can Achieve reads (in part):
This mural embodies symbols that reflect the aspirations of the youth of the Goal ChaserZ program, who assisted in the concepts and the execution of the mural. They worked on quotes and helped prepare the wall, in addition to painting flowers on the back steps, and placing their handprints on the tree at the corner of the mural.

The mural is centered on "The Road to Success". It blends the past with the present, from the old "Clinton's Ditch"--which passed directly through this site--to current youthful activities.

Entitled "Believe You Can Achieve", the first step in the mural leads to a series of pillars and through the "Arch of Success".

The Doric style pillar represents Wisdom, the Ionic pillar symbolizes Strength, and the Corinthian stands for Beauty.

Wisdom: to know what is true and right, coupled with just action. Reflection and carefully applied judgement are sources of wisdom.

Strength: mental strength equals courage; the strength of will to do what is right. Success demands inner strength.

Beauty: grace, charm, and excellence in thought and action - beauty provides deep satisfaction to the mind. Beauty is paramount to success.

As we encounter and achieve these characteristics we are able to reach our final goal and pass through the "Arch of Success".


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1 Comment to "Believe You Can Achieve Mural Dedication"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty--those are 3 great pillars on which to build community and our collective future here in Wayne County

    Posted on Thu Jun 11, 01:25:00 PM EDT


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