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In Summer 2007 WXXI of Rochester, NY spent two days filming in Lyons, NY with the intention to air a program about Mural Mania at a later date.  On Wednesday 18 January 2008 the program aired at 5:30pm on WXXI, over the air locally on Channel 21 as well as on Time Warner Channel 11. The video piece was presented as a feature for WXXI's show Homework Hotline.

In the video (shown below), Mural Mania Founder Mark De Cracker leads off by explaining that:
Mural Mania is the preservation of history through community art.
WXXI's theme of the video program surrounds this idea that art can be used to bring history to life. The video features Wayne County muralist James Zeger and his murals Winston's Dream and Street of Dreams in Lyons, NY--as well as the mural named Generations painted by muralists Corky Goss and Chip Miller on the facade of Dobbins Drugs, also in Lyons.

Lucas Quagliata of Lyons says at the end of the video that by creating art where history actually happened:
We honor the past....and rejuvenate the future.


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