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SUBMITTED by MacDeath the Pirate, Pirates of the Erie Canal (20-June-2009)

The Pirates of the Erie Canal are pressing new crews to build and serve on racing bed schooners during Palmyra Pirate Weekend’s Pillage ‘N the Village Bed Race Regatta on Saturday, August 8, 2009.

Streaking straight through the heart of historic Palmyra’s 19th century Main Street business district, five-person crews will compete head-to-head against other careening corsairs and scurrying scallywags for a cash prize and other awards.

Pirates of all rank--the ranker the better, some might say--are welcome to enlist, with local and regional service and community organizations, and businesses expected to round out the racing field.

Last year, the Ontario Fire Department absconded with top honors, for both speed and best in show. They’ve promised to defend their title and bring reinforcements; can you knock them off their perch?

All racers will receive an official, engraved, Pirates of the Erie Canal Kazoo with lanyard and a place in the Pirate Kazoo Band Parade immediately preceding the bed race action Racers will show off their pirate pride as they are escorted—and serenaded--up Main Street towards the Pillage ‘N the Village starting line.

Race application, entry fee, race bed specifications, and other information are available online now at www.eriecanalpirates.com.

About Palmyra Pirate Weekend
Palmyra Pirate Weekend is a family-friendly festival intended to showcase Palmyra, New York, the Queen of Canal Towns. The visit of the Lois McClure to the Port of Palmyra Marina in August, 2007 was the first wind in the sails for Palmyra Pirate Weekend, yet this grassroots event has grown by the hard work of some creative and talented people who have long recognized Palmyra as the perfect place to live, work, and play.


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