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When heading out on the Sodus-Wallington Rail Trail to continue progress in your Wayne County trails Passport booklet, make it a point to walk the short 0.1 miles north from the the Ridge Rd. / Geneva Rd. trailhead to snap photos of the historic Wallington Cobblestone School.

The District 8 Wallington School is:
On land donated by Daniel Arms, founder of Wallington, originally known as Arms Crossroads, the Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse was built in 1826-28. It was used as a schoolhouse until 1951 when the centralization plan came into effect. Today the Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse is owned by the Wallington Community Center Association, and students from all over the area visit and experience "A Day in a Country School".
[source: Office of the County Historian, Sodus, New York]

In 1994 the Wallington School was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, which displays the following listing:

Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse District No. 8 (added 1994 - Building - #94000172)
6135 N. Geneva Rd., Hamlet of Wallington, Sodus
  • Historic Significance: Event, Architecture/Engineering 
  • Architectural Style: Federal 
  • Area of Significance: Education, Architecture 
  • Period of Significance: 1825-1849 
  • Owner: Private 
  • Historic Function: Education 
  • Historic Sub-function: School 
  • Current Function: Recreation And Culture 
  • Current Sub-function: Museum 
[source: National Register of Historic Places]

When eyeballing this historic building, allow yourself to be taken back to a time when childhood study was focused--when reading, writing, and general arithmetic were centered around the abilities of student groups and not necessarily age, and when each of these skills was easily translatable and applicable to every day business and community life.


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