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SUBMITTED by Kate Chamberlin (8-Aug-2009)

Kudos to the organizers of, the sponsors for, and the participants in this year’s Festival in the Park. The best and most notable change was the absence of the tawdry, expensive, and tacky carnival rides.

The parade on Friday evening was of moderate length with something for everyone. Our local Volunteer Fire Department was resplendent with it’s trucks of all sizes accompanied by the rescue trucks and ambulance. Our neighboring Fire Departments were well represented and we appreciate not only their participation in our parade, but the mutual aid they are always ready to give when needed. The John Deer Club had many vintage and modern tractors chugging along to remind us of our agricultural heritage and how far we’ve come. There were Queens and their courts, as well as a Princess and her entourage. Yes, yes, politicians were a-plenty, handing out pamphlets, shaking hands, and asking for your vote. The fuel-cell car drove by so quietly, I almost missed it.

Our many and varied town organizations were represented by floats, marchers, and musical announcements: churches, Historical Society, Friends of the Library, local businesses and others.

Although there weren’t any equestrian groups, my guide dog really perked up her ears when the German Shepard Club marched by. The adult fife and drum corps was fantastic. I especially like the drum rolls that serge through you with a primal urge to “run!”. The children’s fife and drum corps were wonderful to watch and hear, knowing that before long, they’ll be in the adult group with their parents.

The group that is nearest and dearest to my heart (okay, because my sons were in it.) was the BSA troop and Pack float. They all worked very hard several previous evenings to build a river (out of the blue recycle boxes) with a kayak poised to go down the rapids. Some how, there was even a crockadile lurking near-by. Also, to illustrate the Go Green theme, was a windmill made out of recyclible plastic milk jugs and cardboard. Great job, Scouts and Scouters.

The parade ended in the park where it was fun to meet and greet our neighbors among the many local organizations with their fund raising events, such as hamburgers, hots, beef on wick, sodas, fried dough, well, you know, lots to eat and drink. All for good, local causes.

One of the popular activities was the Scout Dunking Booth. Imagine, an adult Scouter in full uniform being dunked by (as our 8-year old said) “a girl!” Hey, she was a straight shooter.

Saturday was just as fun-filled and exciting with marathon races, a movie, an entertaining dance band, and a fabulous finale of fireworks.

Yes, yes, you may have the mistaken idea that a small town festival is hokey, but, when it is your own home-town with your own neighbors, it’s a lot of safe fun and a great way to make a lassting memory.

Can the return of the Dance on Main Street be coming soon?


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