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There are many great point-to-point day paddles along Wayne County's Lake Ontario shoreline. On 28 August 2009, two Wayne County Life kayakers set out to paddle from Chimney Bluffs State Park to East Bay, one of Wayne County's three significant embayments (the others being Port Bay and Great Sodus Bay).

The pair of paddlers parked in the auto lot at the west end of the Chimney Bluffs State Park and dragged their boats from there across the soft grass down to a spot that would suffice for a launch site. The paddler must be careful, as there is a drop from the actual State Park down to the beach--and as this is a designated "No Swimming" area by New York State, there is likewise no designated boat launch.

Join Wayne County Life on our video paddle from Chimney Bluffs State Park to East Bay by viewing the movie below. The two paddlers faced an uncommon easterly wind on their trip, and in this "Dog-Day" paddle found an obstacle waiting for them at the mouth of East Bay.

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