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Wayne County Life enjoyed a kayak adventure on 16 September 2009 to Eagle Island on Great Sodus Bay. Eagle Island is one of three islands on all of Sodus Bay, which is itself the largest bay on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Eagle Island was once used as a Boy Scout camping ground and is now completely private property, split amongst the many summer cottage owners on the island. There is no bridge to Eagle Island; cottages are accessible only by boat.

During the trip Wayne County Life saw much wildlife, including a Bald Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, Garter Snake, and Map Turtle. The day paddle was concluded with lunch at Connelly's Cove, one of the two adjacent restaurants on the northeast corner of Great Sodus Bay (the other being Skipper's Landing).

Revisit the kayak adventure to Eagle Island by viewing the Wayne County Life video below.

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3 Comments to "Eagle Island on Sodus Bay"

  1. Cathy Contant Said,

    Loved this video and excursion! I went to Delaware to see my first eagle, and I could have just visited Eagle Island. Who knew.
    Looking forward to more of these explorations!

    Wayne County Life is an excellent idea who's time has arrived. Keep up the great work.

    Posted on Mon Sep 28, 02:45:00 PM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Eagle Island is a private island and preserve, to make this video the individuals violated the owners rights, by being on the island without invite. If there was an injury the owners would have been responsible.

    Posted on Sun Jan 24, 02:53:00 PM EST

  3. Unknown Said,

    This land was made for you AND me.

    Posted on Fri Apr 08, 08:17:00 PM EDT


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