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SUBMITTED by Mark De Cracker, Peppermint Cottage Bed and Breakfast (3-Sep-2009)

It’s now September, it took all summer to finally get a great stretch of weather cloud free in the summer of 2009. Days like these I would want to be on mountain ridge in the high peaks of the Adirondack looking into the fading sun in the western sky to the many hues of blues cast on forever. Today I was in Wayne County biking across meadows full of Goldenrod, Queen’s Anne Lace, Thistle, Spotted Touch-me-not Spotted and Joe-Pye Weed. The end of the growing season was soon coming to a close and nature was putting on her best show before she goes to bed for the winter. I soon found myself in the hardwood full of Maples and Beech, this is a place I spend many a day from April until the middle of May watching weekly as the spring wildflowers blossoms in front of me. From the first Bloodroot to the last Trillium I was either hiking or biking to see the daily changes. I will often visit the woods in October to watch the colors change from the first red maple leaves to the last rusted beech leaf. Today it was early September biking through the woods and finding the nature’s finishing touches to her season. The False Solomon’s Seal were now full of red berries, and White Wood Asters at the foot of Maple tree that was full of Spring Beauty just a few months ago. I was able to still find one lonely trillium with a dried up blossom, and bloodroot. Bloodroot is always my welcome to spring, one of the early bloomers and oh so beautiful. I started to ask myself why has it taken so long to come back to these woods? A place I find myself walking 2 or 3 times a week in the spring. Perhaps it was the rainy summer, or the bugs. Then I came to the conclusion these factors were at play, but the main reason was after a long winter the first sign of wildflowers in bloom is exciting. Perhaps the summer with the many perennials and annuals has saturated my mind. I found myself walking down nature’s main street with towering pillars of architecture and getting the same feeling I have had in spring. The sounds of the streets were replaced with the Cicada, Tree frogs and a Red Tail hawk over head. I was lost in nature again; I didn’t need a compass or a GPS to get back home, I was at home.





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3 Comments to "September Woods"

  1. Videomark Said,

    "Sometime in life we must get off the path that man has made for us, and enjoy the one that nature provide us."

    Posted on Fri Sep 04, 05:24:00 PM EDT

  2. Sharon Rice Said,

    Thank you for sharing September Woods. In this time of constant negative news on the radio and tv etc it takes us back to a wonderful place. Back to a place of peace and serenity that we need to visit.

    Posted on Tue Sep 08, 09:31:00 PM EDT

  3. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Breaking free of everyday distractions is revitalizing!

    September is truly an interesting month--I wrote a post last year during this time:


    Posted on Tue Sep 08, 10:10:00 PM EDT


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