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The First Presbyterian Church of Lyons has been celebrating its 200th Anniversary in many ways during 2009. On one Sunday, the people of Lyons Presbyterian Church held a dramatic service memorializing the historic fire of 3 February 1936 when the Presbyterian Church burned.

In the video below, you will encounter a series of memories read from various members of the congregation, play-acting as if it were the "tomorrow" of the 1936 fire. Folks recall all the good things about the church--the children's lessons, the time spent together as a congregation--and then feel a grief as the structure that housed all these memories burns. The bittersweet reward is the realization that the best part of that Lyons Presbyterian Church remained in its body of believers. The goodwill of the Lyons community-at-large assists the Presbyterian congregation through their time of loss, and a new church is proudly erected in short order.

The Day After the Fire at the Presbyterian Church service includes at the end of our video clip a beautiful rendition of Let There be Peace on Earth by local violinist Bob Wadsworth. Enjoy.

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