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SUBMITTED by Jerry Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program Manager (27-Oct-2009)


Political Meet and Greet coinciding with the Lyons Main Street Program's 1939 Film Retrospective showing of the Jimmy Stewart classic film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" on Thursday, 29 October 2009.


All candidates for policital office in the Village or Town of Lyons or Wayne County are invited to meet and greet the moviee-goers from 6:15 pm until the start of the movie at 7 pm.


Historic Ohmann Theatre, 65 William, Downtown Lyons.

Watch the classic Jimmy Stewart film on the big screen at the Ohmann Theatre and meet all of the local politcal candidates prior to the movie. Support the Lyons Main Street Program, the Historic Ohmann Theatre, and those brave enough to run for elected offices!


Jerry Ashley
Lyons Main Street Program Manager
70 William Street, Lyons, NY 14489


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