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Cross-county skiers in Wayne County start getting excited about the transitioning weather as soon as the rain and mud of Autumn strikes. It means that the first snow will be coming in the next few months and their skis, poles, helmets, ski boots, and variety of outdoor apparel need to be thought about, located, cared for, and kept track of in anticipation of the first sign of that heavenly white stuff.

It's also the perfect time for those looking to begin a new healthy, joyful, and inexpensive hobby to think about adopting cross-county skiing! Wayne County's drumlins are a true playground for both the beginner and advanced skier. After the initial gear investment--still far less costly than alpine gear--cross-county or nordic skiing is essentially costless. No expensive lift tickets and no trail usage fees necessary when you choose to use the many great public trails available in Wayne County.

Take a look back at a Wayne County Life video clip of a first-time cross-county skier from the 2008-09 Winter season. You don't have to have the skills of a professional to enjoy your first run on cross-country skis! A great thing about the sport is that skiers of all skill levels can ski side-by-side on the same trails, as we did in this 2009 video from Dutch Street.

Think of cross-county skiing in Wayne County as another form of social networking. It's fun, cheap, in your backyard, and includes people of all abilities. Know of some great places to ski? Please share them with other Wayne County Life readers by posting a comment to this story.


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