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SUBMITTED by Seth C. Burgess, Trail Works, Inc. Vice President (17-Nov-2009)

Trail Works, Inc. now has official trail markers. The markers are adorned with a logo designed by one of our members, Adam Chapin of Huron. Our initial quantity on-hand is 1,000 trail markers; the markers are in 3 different colors: red, blue, and green. Over the coming months and into 2010, look for these markers to start appearing on some of the 16 Wayne County Passport trails, and possibly other trails throughout Wayne County.

Our goal for the trail markers and other Trail Works efforts moving forward is to enhance the experience of those hiking, biking, riding, skiing, and snowshoeing the great trails that were highlighted by the Passport program during 2009. For many, the Passport book was a discovery tool as to what Wayne County has to offer. Now, we want to make sure our trails, wildlife, and history continue to garner attention and care.

The trail markers will help to further identify our Wayne County trails, as well as assist visitors in locating and following them. We want spending time in the outdoors and on trails to be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for people of all ages and ability—and distinct trail markers will support this work.


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5 Comments to "New Trail Markers"

  1. Gil Burgess Said,

    Adam's time and talent is going to a good purpose! Most trail users will want the assurance that they are still on the trail.

    Posted on Thu Nov 26, 10:39:00 AM EST

  2. Marcy Frey Said,

    Seth- I need this info on the MPA website. Can I post the info? www.macedonpartners.org

    Posted on Fri Apr 30, 07:45:00 AM EDT

  3. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Yes, certainly Marcy.

    Posted on Fri Apr 30, 09:07:00 AM EDT

  4. Gil Burgess Said,

    Do the different colors carry a message?

    Posted on Fri Apr 30, 01:19:00 PM EDT

  5. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Actually, yes. We have been using Blue on trails related to a waterway (ie. Black Brook Trail), Green on trails in forested areas (ie. Pultneyville Bicentennial Trail), and Red for the others (ie. Williamson Town Loop Trail).

    Posted on Fri Apr 30, 01:40:00 PM EDT


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