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SUBMITTED via Be Notified, Reliant Community Credit Union (10-Nov-2009)

Find Reliant on Facebook!

We're excited to announce that we recently introduced our own Facebook fan page! We joined the popular social networking site to share credit union news, provide financial tips, expand the number of people who know about Reliant, what products and services we offer, and to showcase what we do to support the communities we serve!

You will be able to sign up to be a “fan” simply by clicking the "become a fan" button on our Facebook page. If you don't have a facebook account, signing up is easy. It's the most popular way to connect and network with anyone in the world!

Be sure to check our page frequently for upcoming events and special promotions.

To take a look at our facebook page, click the link below.



When you "fan" Reliant on its Facebook page, make a Comment on the Wall (front-page of Facebook Fan Page) and say that Wayne County Life sent you!


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1 Comment to "Reliant Community Credit Union on Facebook"

  1. credit union Said,

    Hi I have a confusion that Can a group of like businesses from a credit union for their business and their employees? Please answer it.

    Posted on Sat Nov 21, 01:21:00 AM EST


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