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SUBMITTED by KC Meyer, Books, ETC. (24-Nov-2009)

Ahoy there! Etc. marks the spot for our Women Authors Reading Group, as of our last meeting we found priceless treasure...friendships new and old, books to discuss for months and months to come as we explore the world of women authors (often kept on islands all to themselves) and, as always, Captain John, who helps all of us chart our journeys with kindness and grace...not to mention hot coffee or tea!

When next we meet on Wednesday, 2 December 2009 at 1:00 PM at Books, ETC. we will have read or re-read The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Barrows, two amazing authors (aunt and niece) who wrote collaboratively. We each agreed to download and print out our own copies of any study guides/questions and info on the authors, for this and future books, to enhance our discussions.

We agreed that if there is a time when we haven't had a chance to read or listen to the assigned book, that shouldn't preclude our dropping anchor at John's port of call.

We have also agreed to discuss the evolution of women as authors over time and whatever else suits our fancy. KC will coordinate the meetings and send out updates and reminders, but everyone will take a turn at the helm (if they so desire) by choosing a book and charting the course.

KC will steer the ship for December. Meetings will begin at 1 p.m. and run until 2 or 3, depending on how long we choose to sail. Drinks are available at John's but feel free to bring treats...or not.

For 6 January 2009 we will have read Paternity by our own Susan Baruch. That will be a treat to discuss! Facilitator to be decided...

The rest we will make up as we sail along! Based on what I've seen so far, this promises to be a most pleasant voyage. See you in December. Until then, I wish you fair winds and following seas.



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