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County residents gathered at the Lyons Courthouse for a public hearing held by the Wayne County Board of Supervisors. Of the many that voiced their concern about the County's proposition to eliminate the recycling program from the budget, only three were in support of the new program. The proposed plan would allow private haulers to pick up the recycling during their regular garbage pickups. Dan Winkler of Newark favors the amendment with optimism that competition in the marketplace will drive the additional price down. While two others agreed with Mr. Winkler, several raised concern on various aspects.

Lyons Village Trustee, Terry VanStean, feels that "if the expense of recycling is shifted to us, it will discourage people to recycle." Other residents pleaded with the Board to consider and weigh the environmental aspects of the community and devise an alternative plan. Several options were offered at the hearing that ranged from local drop off points to area collections that would be similar to the can returnable machines at every grocery store.

Will the proposed amendment reduce jobs and make the community socially irresponsible? And ultimately, will this amendment cause a shift in control over the direction of the program? All were excellent questions with no response from the Board of Supervisors. The area residents will continue to wait for the answers in hopes that their pleas were effective enough to keep the program in place.

"I will continue to recycle regardless of whether the program is privatized.", says Steve McNeil of Walworth.


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