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The first fisherman of the 2009-10 Winter Season were spotted by Wayne County Life on the ice of Great Sodus Bay on Wednesday, 30 December 2009. The ice is currently very wind-blown with many bare spots--a pretty inviting scene perhaps for any local ice skaters.

Ice Fisherman on Sodus Bay east of Eagle Island

In the photograph can be seen some items typical of the sport of ice fishing, including ice augers, tip-ups, gear sled, and plastic buckets.

Do you ice fish? Have you ever done it or seen others on the ice of Sodus Bay? Share your story with Wayne County Life by adding a comment below this post.


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3 Comments to "Ice Fisherman on Sodus Bay"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    been one time but, to cold for me.

    Posted on Thu Dec 31, 08:35:00 AM EST

  2. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    I think it's fun to do an "ice hike" across a section of the Bay and sort of wander over and observe what the Ice People do.

    I'd like to try ice fishing myself, someday.

    Posted on Thu Dec 31, 03:04:00 PM EST

  3. Gil Burgess Said,

    Our nephew, Charles, and I tried it once in the early 1980's. I seem to remember getting bait that resembled grubs where Skipper's Landing is located. Of course, it was cold and we didn't catch anything. We haven't tried it again. I guess I prefer to keep moving at these temperatures, although, if I could go along with someone who really knew what to do, it might be different.

    Posted on Thu Dec 31, 04:47:00 PM EST


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