two thousand twenty
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McGory's Parkside Pub has been awarded December's Business of the Month by the Lyons Chamber of Commerce.

The pub, owned by John and Mariette McGory, is a family owned and operated restaurant/bar that has just opened for business this past September. It is located on the corners of William and Church Streets across from Central Park in the Village of Lyons.

McGory, a resident of Lyons for the past 19 years says, "I have always wanted to own a pub." The restaurant, previously known as the Soda Spa, had been a revelating project. The vacant space had been updated and remodeled and its olive green color scheme and hardwood flooring is pleasingly aesthetic to the patrons.

The community's response has proven positive to the family ran operation. The McGory's have created a successful dining establishment that offers a reasonably priced variety of foods and spirits that accomodates everyone's palate.

Carry-out orders are also available and can be placed by calling the pub at 871-4116.


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