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CONTRIBUTED by Seth C. Burgess, Winston Dobbins' Old Geezer Network (17-Dec-2009)

For me--a young Geezer of 25--seeing photos of a 1950s Lyons Train Station is like viewing a movie scene. Were it not for a decent amount of U.S. travel, the experience of such a public hub of transportation would be totally foreign to me.

Seldom do I think twice about driving my car anywhere, be it 35 min. to church, 2 hrs. to the groomed cross-county ski trails of the Tug Hill Plateau, 5-6 hours to hike in the Adirondacks or Catskills, or drives to NYC, Boston, Vermont, or Maine--in a day. How wonderful it would seem to have the choice to slow down the pace of travel and catch a train.

The only thing is, I have had much of this choice all along without knowing it (I mean really knowing it--understanding that something we generally don't do is still an option)! A station in Wayne County of course might help, although not on its own. There seems little incentive to choose train over auto for day travel, mostly due to the intense pressure of scheduling and busyness that is contemporary America.

I think there is much opportunity for positive work in our communities that we can rally around a future Train Stop in Lyons. Yet there must be ongoing conversation on such forward-oriented community work. It's about lifestyle; it's about health; it's about joy. This is the type of "good stuff" I'm exploring with WayneCountyLife.com. I hope others will join me on this journey towards a world where our actions today will not forsake the concept of Community as we become entombed in self-interest. The conversation must be about future generations.


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3 Comments to "Not Only in the Movies"

  1. Gil Burgess Said,

    If the Obama Administration follows through with funding for passenger rail, there would be more trains (i.e. more frequent service with better connections) and scheduling a trip would be more easily accomplished. And, there's always just the pleasure of train travel ---along with the environmental friendliness of rail transportation.

    Posted on Fri Dec 18, 11:16:00 AM EST

  2. Anonymous Said,

    NY is cutting teachers and that is elimination of area jobs and our future quality of education. Newarks emergency room is truly another need for the wayne county community, of course you will not realize this till you end up on a gurney in the hallway of the emergency room. Funding for a train station does not seem a priority in a state that is almost bankrupt. Maybe when things get better. Even at a federal level I believe we need smart spending.
    Train station would be nice but, I emphasis nice not necessary.

    Posted on Sun Dec 20, 09:22:00 AM EST

  3. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    I think you are right that a train station locally is not by itself necessary, yet I think it is in the right vein of action to work toward a bigger picture of a smart & energy efficient infrastructure. Our current energy grid, as well as long-distance ground travel (passenger), was all built piecemeal--much like our existing Health Care system!

    Is an unintentional design akin to an unintelligent design? Well, no. It just happens that sometimes standards that form by accident create a big mess.

    Posted on Mon Dec 21, 10:59:00 AM EST


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