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The Wayne County Passport to Family Wellness initiative was a new program for 2009 jointly supported by Trail Works, Inc., Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County, and Wegmans Food Markets. The Passport Program has been wildly successful in terms of number of people hitting the trails and exploring Wayne County spaces in a re-energized fashion.

The goal of "owning" an individual Wayne County Passport is to hike / bike / ski / ride all sixteen of the listed trails and to obtain a rubbing from the market post at each site. Those rubbing marker posts were all installed in a single day on 27 March 2009 by two teams from the Trail Works organization. The Passport Program started effective 1 April 2009 and challenged the public to complete all 16 trails in a period of one year--by 31 March 2010.

Bruce and Edie Farrington of Sodus Point, New York are amongst the group of people who have completed all sixteen Wayne County Passport trails so far. The Farringtons recently recorded on video some reflections of their experience on the trails of Wayne County in 2009 and these we share with you in the YouTube clip below. The We love the Passport trails of Wayne County video was shot in the Central Park of Historic Lyons by Trail Works Board member Mark De Cracker.

The Farringtons say they have no one favorite out of all the trails in Wayne County and emphasize "it was all a total experience; it was great". Learning about many new trails they weren't previously aware of was a highlight of the Passport Program for this couple, including discovering the Casey Park Ore Bed trail and the gorgeous early Spring Wildflowers there including "white little flowers on bushes...almost like a wedding trellis".  Of Huckleberry Swamp Edie Farringon notes, "everytime we go we really enjoy it and see something different".

"The best part of the program", says Bruce Farrington, "is you have a guide that shows you all these trails you otherwise would never know and experience...I encourage anybody to get one of these passports and do your own exploration".


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