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CONTRIBUTED by Seth C. Burgess (1-Dec-2009)

Love the idea or hate the idea, most people with any interest at all in the "Land of the Drumlins"--the place within the storied boundaries of Wayne County, New York--have some opinion on the building of an Amtrak train station in the county seat of Lyons.

In perusing the vaults of YouTube, I stumbled upon a video now over two years old that I find perfectly interesting yet today. The video is entitled Why we need the Amtrak Station in Lyons NY and the text description of the video proffers two DYN (Did-you-know?) questions, listed in slightly altered form here.
1) Did you know the distance between Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY is the longest stretch across all of New York State without an Amtrak train station?

2) Did you know Lyons, NY--the shire town of Wayne County--is in between Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes Wine Country and is on the historical Erie Canal?
 Well, now you know.

The aforementioned video is cast with guests at a Wayne County Bed and Breakfast and the dialogue gives a simple, everyman overview of why a passenger rail stop in Wayne County, New York is important. And that reason spells Tourism with a capital "T".

Find the video included in this story and watch it.

Video of guests at the Peppermint Cottage B & B in Lyons


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2 Comments to "Why We Need Amtrak"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    millions of dollars of public tax money for a few dollars in local inns? Not a good time spend on this when amtrak alone has needed government assistant to meet it's debts. This is the same folly that the fast ferry was. Rochester government though people would come to the area also but, the truth is they did not.

    Posted on Tue Dec 01, 07:35:00 PM EST

  2. Videomark Said,

    When visitors come to the Finger Lakes they are not only staying at B&B, Inns, and Hotels, they are spending money in restaurants, shopping, and wineries in the Finger Lakes. A portion of the money is sale tax, which will go back the villages, cities and towns. We have something special here in the Wayne County, and the Finger Lakes. We have great beauty from the Finger Lakes to Lake Ontario. This area is also full of history, the Erie Canal, Underground Railroad, and the War of 1812. Now it’s time to share this great beauty and history with the world.

    Posted on Tue Dec 01, 10:22:00 PM EST


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