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By: Stephanie L. Knarr

Regional boxing clubs supported their best fighters this weekend at the 2010 Eastern NYS Regional Championship held at the Lyons Community Center.

Hundreds of spectators gathered to view the area's local strength while they punched and jabbed 10 bouts in the ring . The fighters of all ages, male and female, ranging from 70 to 178 pounds faced off with other contenders for a chance at taking the win for their round.

Winners on Saturday night were Mark Garcia (St. Martins), Janice Meyer (CNY Boxing), Raul Vazquez (NWBCC), Gill Cepeda (St. Martins), Naisheen Williams (St. Martins), J'wuan Holt (NWBCC), Nick Castaldi (Sweeney Boxing), Tevin Terrance (Eastside Champs), Ed Gogiliota (Geneva Boxing) and Darrin Oliver (CNY Boxing).

The Golden Gloves, a booster of life skills and confidence in young athletes, began its legacy in 1923. Its program influenced the youth by reinforcing self-respect and pride while producing extraordinary fighters like Mohammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Don Patterson, the event organizer, is the first to bring such a concept to Lyons. As a central location in the eastern region, Lyons was selected as a host facility with hopes of sparking an interest of creating its own boxing club. The overall idea was well received by the community as the family oriented event made a successful debut. For more information on the "Golden Gloves" you may visit http://www.buffalogoldengloves.com/.

Sponsors for this event were Dobbins Drugs, H&R Block, Lyons National Bank and Market America.


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2 Comments to "Eastern Regional Championship Held at LCC"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    It is great that such events are back in the WNY area. We need more supportes like Don Patterson who are passionate about the sport of Boxing and keeping our youth positive, healthy, and off the streets.


    Posted on Tue Feb 23, 10:18:00 AM EST

  2. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Looks like it was a neat event. One of my friends in the Army ROTC program at RIT grew up doing this type of stuff in New York City. I could never quite comprehend how boxing was a sport for anyone younger than college-age since we didn't have it in any Wayne County communities.

    Just seeing this pictures helps me to understand youth boxing in a different way.

    Posted on Wed Feb 24, 09:09:00 PM EST


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