two thousand twenty
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This picture was taken at Chimney Bluffs in January. I have always thought that this part of the bluffs looks like a rhino's horn. I really enjoy taking pictures down by the lake. I am really looking forward to spring, a new season to find new beauties.


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1 Comment to "The Rhino's Horn at Chimney Bluffs"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    I love how interpreting the chimneys is like staring up into the sky and visualizing cloud formations. The creativity of Nature.

    I had never noticed "the Rhino" although I do see it now from the view below. Since I am almost always walking the top of the Bluffs when I'm here, I totally missed this perspective.

    Posted on Sat Feb 13, 12:06:00 PM EST


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