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SUBMITTED by John Cieslinski, Books, ETC. (2-Mar-2010)

On Saturday, 6 March 2010 at 2:00 PM at Books, ETC. we will discuss biomimicry. In the book Biomimicry, Innovation Inspired by Nature, author Janine Benyus looked all over the planet for work being done by industry, university scientists, biologists, physicists, and others where solutions to green manufacturing and energy production looked to natural processes for answers.
  • Duplicating photosynthesis represents a revolutionary step forward in how we capture the sun’s energy and use it, pollution free.
  • The mussel that we eat with tomato sauce and pasta manufactures waterproof glue that we have been unable to duplicate. It works only with the materials in its salt watery environment.
  • Spiders produce in their webs material that is multiple times stronger than steel and can stretch 4-5 times its length before reaching a breaking point.

Come and enjoy the very lively repartee.  Books, ETC. 78 W. Main ST. Macedon NY.  For more information contact John Cieslinski at 585-474-4116 or books_etc@yahoo.com.


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