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SUBMITTED by Pat Alena, Lyons Heritage Society (23-Mar-2010)

Anne Dickerson Hotchkiss (1914-2010)

LOVELY AND GRACIOUS is how I would describe Anne Hotchkiss. A real professional, a woman beyond her times. Think of all the criticism she must have faced taking over a major community business as a business WOMAN president in the 1960's!

Last Friday, 19 March 2010, Isabelle Hartman and I decided to take a visit to Newark-Wayne Community Hospital to see and visit with Anne. We are SO GLAD we did! She looked weary and was failing, but she perked up when she heard our voices. I do believe she recognized both of us and responded, "How nice of you to come!" I told her that I wanted to make sure that she knew that the Hotchkiss Building is saved and will be restored, and will be taken care of. She responded, "I am glad to know that"! We only stayed a few minutes as we could tell she needed to rest. That night Anne Hotchkiss left us.

I got to know the name, Anne Hotchkiss, through my mother, Ann Sculli. She had known Anne because they were the same age. She was a friend, but I remember Mom saying that Anne didn't attend school with her. I also believe Mom had contact with her through Girl Scouts, as Anne at one time was active in that group.

I came to know Anne when I started our community festival, Lyons Peppermint Days. We invited her to be our Grand Marshall for several years. She and I often talked about the festival and the Hotchkiss Building. Most recently, in campaigning to save the building and the grant money given to it, I had the chance to talk with Anne more than I had before. We had a nice visit last year when Peg Churchill and I visited Anne to tell her that the Western Erie Canal Alliance was interested in helping to save the building. She did emphasize how much the Hotchkiss presence gave to the community in the past. I also in the last two years prepared a slide program on the Peppermint Industry History in Lyons. If I really wanted some of the right facts, I called Anne and asked. As pleasant as always, she tried to answer my questions as best as she could remember. I shall always remember her and how much of an influence she and her company had on the prosperity of our Lyons community.

Anne Hotchkiss is a Lyons Legend, a gracious and lovely Peppermint Lady!


Anne Hotchkiss with artist Dawn Jordan in September 2007. Dawn painted the Hotchkiss Peppermint mural, which includes a likeness of Anne Hotchkiss, last president of the H.G. Hotchkiss Essential Oil Company.

Anne Hotchkiss portrait--part of the Hotchkiss Peppermint mural in Lyons, NY.

Sign hanging on the Hotchkiss Building, once the office of Anne Hotchkiss and currently the meeting place of the preservation-minded Lyons Heritage Society.

Peppermint Patty (Pat Alena) standing in front of a mural commemorating the business and family legacy of the original Peppermint Lady, Anne Hotchkiss


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