two thousand twenty
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In rural Colorado, a small community is disrupted by several mounties in the area searching for an escaped native known as Yellow Feather (played by Curtis Mason), who was presumed to be dead. While the troops are scouting the area, Capt. Jim, (Johnny Hill) meets a fair maiden inn keeper named Mary (Carla Lash), who is more than shocked to learn of Yellow Feather's return. Mary, who is troubled by possible foreclosure of the inn, turns to her friend Nancy Twinkle for support. Miss Twinkle (Kayla James), a maid at the Inn brings devious delight to the inn's guests who are visiting from a local finishing school with her precocious, but not shy role.

Chief Brown Bear, (George Dobbins), leader of the Kadota tribe, has a hunch of his own of Yellow Feather's whereabouts but remains quiet as it soon proves to be a sign that something bad is brewing. With possible tribe extinction, Chief Brown Bear battles the U.S. Government for possession of tribal land.

Little Mary Sunshine will be performing March 19th-21st with special viewing for the Lyons Elementary School and senior citizens community. Tickets are currently on sale and will also be sold at the door. Come for an exciting presentation of Lyons' star performers in this year's fun-loving, dramatic comedy!

Photo: Emily Snyder, Mikayla Bastian, Rebecca Bacon, Kayla James, Jessica Norris, William Pulver, Amber Stowell, Ali Barner, Alex Marr, Sharnea Spencer, Janet True, Jennifer Norris and Brittany DeCola.


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