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SUBMITTED by Larry Ann Evans, Wayne County Historical Society (12-Mar-2010)

The Wayne County Historical Society and it’s Museum of Wayne County History has been very fortunate to have enough donors to purchase a video surveillance system for the Museum.

Thanks to a large donation from Dixie Prittie of Palmyra, who made the donation in memory of her husband Tom Prittie and various other individuals, the Museum bought a Q-See Digital Video Recorder with night vision cameras.

“We are so fortunate to have members like Dixie, who saw the urgent need to install a video surveillance system and placed a check on Museum Manager Mary O’Toole’s desk less than a week after the robbery, " said Executive Director Larry Ann Evans who went on to say that they are also very fortunate to have volunteers like Ignacio Calvo, who is installing the surveillance system for free. “That saves the Museum a cost of $5000 to $8000 dollars, which is what an electrician would have charged to install the system.”

Ignacio Calvo installing the video surveillance system

 Ignacio Calvo on a step ladder inside the Museum of Wayne County History

The need for this system was directly related to the robbery that occurred at the Museum two years ago when Michael Ortiz stole a civil war sword and jacket from the Museum. Ortiz was promptly found and arrested, stood trial and was convicted of the theft.

The Wayne County Historical Society’s Museum of Wayne County History is located at 21 Butternut Street, Lyons, NY. For more information call 315 946 4943 or check out the website, www.waynehistory.org.


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