two thousand twenty
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PHOTO: Kir Seavert, Liz Lockwood, Tracy Herold, Kim VanHall, John VanHall, Rev. Lyn Dean-Dennie, Bonnie Hays, Irene Unterborn, Rhonda Cotto (Kneeling: Morgan Herold and Tracy Murphy)

Several gathered at the home of the Fox Sister's Memorial in Hydesville yesterday to celebrate the 162nd anniversary of Modern Spiritualism. It was a perfect sunny day to explore the grounds and visit the memorial that is now the remains of the cellar, unearthed.

The candle lighting memoriam was hosted by caretaker, Tracy Murphy. "This is done in love and peace and out of respect for the wonderful pioneers that started this wonderful religion", says Murphy.


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1 Comment to "2nd Annual Memorial Held At Fox Sister's Site"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Thanks so much Steph!! This means alot to me...Spiritualism is alive and well! Tracy

    Posted on Thu Apr 01, 08:49:00 PM EDT


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