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The Grooms of Lyons, New York passionately own and operate Tullyfergus Angus and have an endearing story to share. Recently featured in the "I Am Angus" video series,
Robert and Linda Groom came to America from Scotland more than a decade ago. Today, they are deeply committed to freedom--and to raising quality Angus cattle.
The best way to understand how feelings about America, values, heritage, and quality animal genetics come together for the Groom Family at Tullyfergus Angus is to view their YouTube "I Am Angus" feature video.

Moving from Scotland to Lyons, NY to farm Angus cattle has been exciting and the fulfillment of a dream for Robert and Linda Groom. After viewing the video, what do you think?

Find more information about Tullyfergus Angus on the website www.tullyfergus.com.


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