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SUBMITTED by Beverly Owen (14-Apr-2010)

Footsteps for Peace

I have been doing the Peace Wave power of thought intention for close to a year now.

This morning was the first time I decided to do a Peace walk meditation for this hour.

I set my intention to ask for the things I always ask for, but with it I added that each footstep I take to be a prayer for the purpose. So that as I walked my footstep itself was part of bringing peace, love and compassion. As I walked along the old railroad path along the Canal here, I saw the destruction of the trees the bulldozers had done a couple years back, to widen the area so trucks could get top the gravel pit. And at first I was disturbed by this...but this is exactly what I need not to think about. That is a negative...so I turned it around. In this short period of time since, mother earth, even though she was scarred, she was already bouncing back with coltsfoot, some fiddlers heads, small seedlings, and beautiful grasses. No matter what we do to her, she comes back beautiful! Because she desires to be.

About halfway through my walk, I looked up and there perched in a high tree about 75 feet from me, and looking at me very curiously, was a Bald Eagle!!! I have never seen one here ever!

Thank you Creator, for giving this beautiful creature for my eyes to behold! It was the first bird I painted on the mural as of late. Definitely a sign!..I saw soooo ...much beauty on my walk, at one point I wished I had brought my camera, or my phone so I could share it. But I realized, that it was not to be shared this way. It was given to me. And I was to appreciate it totally. If I spent my time taking pictures, I would have missed some of the beauty behind me or beside me.

If I was on the phone, I would not be focusing on my Peace Wave.

I was given exactly what I am sending out. Love, Compassion, and Peace.

On the way back the beauty was overwhelming, and I had tears. I felt the joy. The joy gave me tears, but these were tears of appreciation, love of this beauty, Compassion for the earth, and Peace for the serenity of it all. Just as I was about to leave the railroad bed, I heard a Crow fussing. I looked up and right above my head, a Redtail Hawk circled over and over again, the crow on it like white on rice.

Though I know it was about protection, I see that in a positive way. We do not need war, but we need to protect our world. And in all things there is survival. The Red Tail by the way was the second bird I painted on the mural. So I was given signs of all kinds on my walk. Eagle was for me about using your head in the way of the light, not in the darkness of ignorance, but of peace, and liberty. Redtail was about striving for what you believe whether others believe or not, and the Crow was about protecting what you have built.

All in all my Peace Wave this morning was by far the most incredible experience I have had since I fasted for 3 days with the Intense Weekend Peace Wave back in September. I too was touched by the tsunami we are all creating. Thank you all.


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