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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (4-May-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor
Vicky Daly
3 May 2010

Over the last week or so I have stolen the time to indulge myself in the reading of what the author, Gary Fitzpatrick, refers to as his ‘beach book’. How do I know this? Because Gary, the author of award winning books on cartography, is a Wayne County resident and he told me. Islands, Codes and Vampires doesn’t require a beach to be enjoyable. Using The DaVinci Code, book and movie as a backdrop, the action spans 25,000 miles and five centuries--so says the cover.

Why am I telling you this? Because it occurred to me that in my admonitions to buy local, I’d never thought about the number and variety of local and regional authors of quality. To name them all is impossible. There are too many, but both Marcia at the Village Bookmarket and John at Books, Etc. can certainly expand upon my list. I have read and enjoyed and have learned from works by Betsy Lewis, Mike Pealo, Susan Peterson Gateley, Beth Hoad, Brooks Tenney, Don Kneeland, and--of course--the work of the Wayne Writers Guild. Humor, history, poetry, adventure, ecology, social commentary--I’ll let you match them up. Our local booksellers will help you do that.

Years ago in the pre-televison, pre-iPod era, the term Arm Chair Traveller was commonly understood. Books were the vehicle that took you to those far away times and places. Today, they and their technological counterparts can still do that. Libraries are a wonderful source of entertainment as well as information. Taking this one step further, with the price of gas and everything else continuing to rise, give serious thought to exploring locally. ‘Staycation’ implies multiple days and requisite planning. Being a ‘tourist in your home town’ does not. Sleep late, put on walking shoes, and head out for a late breakfast or brunch, and explore your home town. Meet the people who have invested in the village’s future by being here. I guarantee that you will be very happily surprised at the number and variety of shops and restaurants available to you. The shopkeepers are here for your benefit as well as their own livelihood. Meet them, patronize them and let them know you are glad they are here.

Empty storefronts? Yes, we have some. If you are in a position to do, consider what venture might be an asset to the Main Street mix. Assistance from the Village of Palmyra, SCORE, and Wayne County IDA may be available to assist you in making a daydream a reality.


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