two thousand twenty
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Phillip Durham of Pasadena, Texas, will present a special program entitled "Make a Date With Nobility Plate: Empire Crafts Corp. - A Newark Success Story". The program is free and will be held Wed. May 19th at 7:00 p.m., at the Newark-Arcadia Museum, 120 High St., Newark. The talk focuses on the Newark C.H. Stuart silver and china companies and products.
Mr. Durham is a retired teacher who became interested in the Newark direct selling history and is writing a collector's guide to the Nobility Plate products that were distributed by Empire Crafts Corp. in the 1950's.
Watch for more news on the latest exhibit at the Newark-Arcadia Museum, opening on May 22. The yearlong exhibit will Nobility Plate collection of Mr. Durham, in a 1953 setting.


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3 Comments to "Author to Discuss Newark's Direct Selling Companies"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Very interesting talk. Having grown up in Newark post-C.H. Stuart companies, it's difficult to grasp what that industry meant to our community. A "Silverholic" from Texas has helped educate me a little bit about my own hometown!

    Posted on Wed May 19, 09:25:00 PM EDT

  2. John Driscoll Said,

    My Dad, Jack Driscoll, was associated with C.H. Stuart for over 20 years and was the President of the Nobility division until it dissolved in about 1971. I have quite a bit of material used for advertising through the years. Would this be of any interest to anyone?

    Posted on Thu May 20, 04:41:00 PM EDT

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Hi, John! I recently moved to Newark and joined the NAHS here in town. Did you ever get an answer to your question above from anyone associated with the museum? If not, I can ask about it at our next board meeting on June 24. Thanks!
    Linda Stevenson

    Posted on Sun Jun 13, 07:50:00 AM EDT


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