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In 2008, Carol and Jim May of Williamson, NY followed Adventure Cycling's route for the Underground Railroad. The couple's journey took them through incredible biking highs and lows, teaching them about the physical, mental, and emotional adversity faced by the many seekers of freedom and their daring conductors. The Mays came to realize how their personal trials and tribulations on this journey paled compared to the brave men and women--Black and White--whose footsteps they followed.

A deeper realization would strike the Mays, though--of a generation of people who, even today in America, are subject to hiding out, traveling secretly, fearing for their safety while they do the menial physical labor so needed to feed, clothe, and house our nation.
"As we traveled in the footsteps of the slaves seeking freedom we were struck by the similarities of the plight of today's migrant workers, heading north in search of a better life for their families. Stationmasters and conductors worked to transport the slaves to safety and abolitionists helped to see that unjust laws were changed. Today, we are challenged with similar needs for reforms in our immigration laws. This journey highlighted the lessons of history." - Jim and Carol May, Williamson, NY

The combination of exciting physical adventure, facing unplanned personal tribulations, and following a path of American history became a written story for Jim and Carol May. The Mays' latest book,  Bicycling the Underground Railroad, is available through Lulu.com for $14.

A recent article about their Underground Railroad bicycling journey can be found at the following link:


Jim and Carol May are also available to share their Underground Railroad cycling adventure with your group or organization. Contact them by email at c4js17@yahoo.com for more information.


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