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SUBMITTED by Marcia Marsille, Village Bookmarket (24-May-2010)

Author Jane Marla VerDow will be available at Village Bookmarket on Saturday, 5 June 2010 at 10 AM, for “Dear Daisy” book signings. A nonfiction, spiritual memoir, “Dear Daisy” is the storyteller's journal recording footsteps on her life path from days long ago shared with her friend, Daisy (1960's) to the 911 aftermath. Sharing humor, visions, dreams, heartbreaks and challenges, Jane Marla VerDow has written a compelling account that both entertains and challenges one's soulful reflection.

Born and raised on a fruit farm in Williamson, Jane is a storyteller by nature inspired by local stories, history, and nature's mysteries and gifts. The author, a gifted storyteller invites the reader into the world and relationship between an illiterate Migrant Woman sharing her wisdom with a boss man'’s child under cherry and apple trees during the early 1960's. Daisy, an Angel on Earth years later mystically reappears an Angel from Heaven to guide the grown child on her pathway back Home. “Dear Daisy” is dedicated by the author to Daisy whose warmth taught her love, whose gift of patience taught to to search for patience with others, and whose soul taught her strength equal to compassion.

Dear Daisy” is the author's first novel inspired by and dedicated to her "adopted Grandmother". Recent years she has devoted her time to writing nonfiction and publishing her works through Rising Sparrow Press, established 2003 by the author in the spirit and tradition of Early American Literature. For additional information about the author and upcoming writings and books: www.risingsparrowpress.com or enjoy the author's blogs www.storytellersandwriters.blogspot.com and www.lakeontarioshoreline.blogspot.com.


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1 Comment to ""Dear Daisy" Author Signing at Village Bookmarket"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    I'm reading Dear Daisy right now. From the start, Jane's writing style challenges the reader to really, really put themselves in the shoes of "little Janie". The words flow as if written by the author's thoughts themselves, not by hand. Very interesting approach, different, and actually quite refreshing.

    The book's presentation itself is beautiful--hardcover with gold-lettering. I love a print that will look nice in my glass-pane built-ins!

    Posted on Fri May 28, 09:18:00 AM EDT


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