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SUBMITTED by Kirk Baker, Williamson First Presbyterian Church (28-May-2010)

New, Interactive Church Service in Williamson

There is a new program starting in Williamson on Wednesday evenings that reaches out to those seeking stronger faith. BRIC (Building Relationships in Christ) is an evening of fellowship, devotion, and praise that breaks the traditional church approach, providing a loose, informal way to express and grow in one’s faith. The program welcomes all who are interested, and should be especially helpful for those seeking a less traditional, more straightforward form of devotion.

On Wednesday evenings at 7 PM, an hour of fellowship, devotion, and praise will be held in the red, brick church at 4057 Main Street (Williamson Presbyterian). Bring your questions, beliefs, ideas, and talents, join with others who wish to grow in understanding and faith, and enjoy yourself in an upbeat, welcoming atmosphere. Call 589-8260 for more information.


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