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Submitted by Lyons Main Street Program

The young ladies walked the imaginary red carpet on Saturday as they entered the Canal View Apartments lobby in Lyons for the Peppermint Prince and Princess Pageant. Proud parents walked their beautiful daughters past the judges made up of senior residents of the apartments. The judges, Gloria Tunnicliff, Linda Gulla, Nilda Ortez-Rodriquez, Jennie Guthrie, Helen Prouty, Mary Brown, Edith Swan, Phyllis Bassett and Sharon Vickory judged the young ladies on their Sunday best dress and their answer to a simple question. Rounds of applause came from the judges and the crowd that assembled to watch the pageant as each of the contestants gave sweet, funny and sometimes precocious answers to questions like "What is your favorite Holiday, What is your favorite song, Who is your favorite teacher..." Pathstone representative, Kathleen Bartkowiak, and Canal View resident assistant, Pat Piotrowski, served cookies to those gathered for the event. The children also paid a visit to the momma duck that is nesting 7 eggs by the main entrance of the Canal View Apartments.

After some initial confusion with the judges intentions, the winners were announced as follows: Runner-up for Junior Peppermint Princess, Jenna Chambers (daughter of Jeni Chambers) and the Junior Peppermint Princess, Jayla Bell (daughter of Keshia Blaisdell and Ervin Bell)). The Peppermint Prince, Quintin Franklin (son of Lisa and Charles Franklin). Runner-up for Peppermint Princess, Kyla Page (daughter of Kim Goebert) and the Peppermint Princess, Ellie Casalmir (daughter of Paul and Lisa Casalmir). Each of the winners will reign over the 20th Anniversary Kiddy Parade and Grand Parades as they ride through the streets over Lyons' Peppermint Days (Wed. July 7th - Sun. July 11th in downtown Lyons). More pictures of the pageant may be found on the Lyons Main Street Program's web site - www.lyonsmainstreetprogram.org under "Newsblog". The Peppermint Days committee would like to thank volunteers, Diana Wykle and Jack McCranels for assisting with the pageant. Come out to see our Peppermint Royalty during Peppermint Days!

Pictured - Peppermint Princess Runner-up, Kyla Page, Junior Peppermint Princess Runner-up, Jenna Chambers, Peppermint Prince, Quintin Franklin, Peppermint Princess, Ellie Casalmir and Junior Peppermint Princess, Jayla Bell


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2 Comments to "Peppermint Prince & Princess Winners Announced"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Junior Peppermint Princess, Jayla Bell (daughter of Keshia Blaisdell and Ervin Bell)

    Posted on Wed May 26, 12:24:00 PM EDT

  2. Stephanie Knarr Said,

    It has been fixed! Thank you!

    Posted on Wed May 26, 12:32:00 PM EDT


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