two thousand twenty
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I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend with a group of talented young musicians. They are currently recording a new album. Brandon Masterangelo on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Tompkins on percussion and Steve Terry, Syracuse native, on bass as well as engineering.

Burning Oak is the project of singer/songwriter Brandon Mastrangelo, who is currently residing in Boston, MA, but grew up in Wolcott, NY. Brandon decided to record his first solo album at Crescent Beach on Sodus Bay, which is a place he spent many summers growing up as a kid. With many of the songs centered on his love and passion for the small community he grew up, it only seemed fitting to record his album at the place he still considers “home”. The Tompkins cottage was the chosen as the location both because of the fond memories and for its structure. The seclusion as well as the cathedral ceiling, providing great natural acoustics, made this a perfect location for the project.

Brandon has yet to title the album, but made mention that it will reference, both in name and artwork, the town he holds so dearly.

Brandon, Jonathan & Steve are also members of the band Larcenist. Larcenist will be playing a string of shows the first week of May (Boston, Syr, Philly, Roch).

Songs on the album:
  • Only a Boy
  • Social
  • Wolf’s Den
  • Susie
  • Umbrella
  • Rooster
  • Old Iron Mill
  • Falling Off My Feet


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2 Comments to "Recording an album on Sodus Bay"

  1. Ryan Said,

    Excited to hear this!

    Posted on Wed May 05, 04:53:00 PM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I know Tomkins loves the area. Living near crescent beach I have ran in to and spotted him deep in the woods and walking the beach. He definitly feels the rhythms of the Sodus Bay area.

    Posted on Wed May 05, 06:10:00 PM EDT


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