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SUBMITTED by Pastor Jim Houtz, Sunnyside Baptist Church (15-Jun-2010)

Sunnyside Baptist Church plans to host “SeaQuest: Diving for God’s Treasure,” a five-evening Bible school. Featuring a deep sea treasure hunt motif, the theme should prove popular among children attending.

Previous themes have included “Digging for God’s Truth: Dino Detectives,” “Rescue Zone: Saved by God’s Power,” and “Polar Extreme: All of Me, All-out for God.”

The church’s vestibule, auditorium, and classrooms always reflect that year’s theme with bigger-than-life décor and displays. The church hosts the annual event “to expose children who do not normally attend church to the teachings of the Bible,” said Jim Houtz, who pastors the church.

He also leads the event, along with help from volunteer church members.

“Each year the children seem to have a blast as they learned from the Bible, do different crafts, and play wacky games,” Houtz said.

“Our desire is that the children would have a commitment to God and His Word as a result of our efforts, that they will come to understand and believe that there is a living God that loves them and proved that by sending His son Jesus to die on the cross for their sin,” he added.

Children ages 4 years through sixth grade may participate every evening 6:25 to 8:35 July 12 through 16. Although parents are welcome to visit at any time, a closing program slated for 8 p.m. on July 18 especially welcomes parents to join the fun and see all that their children have learned. There is no charge. From 104 just west of Wolcott, take Lasher Road south to Wolcott Road. The church is on the corner of Lasher and Wolcott roads. Call (315) 594-8645 for more information or to pre-register.


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