two thousand twenty
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Rescheduled to last Saturday after an earlier cancellation due to bad weather, Newark's annual Community Pride Day attracted participants of all ages from all areas of the village. Their goal: Make Newark Shine.
Newark Village Clerk Lee Mikewicz was in charge of the effort, and provided the participants from Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, schools, scouts, and the Park Presbyterian Church "Green Team" with with tools, assigning groups to various parts of the village that need a little sprucing up. They were seen sweeping, raking and bagging trash, adding that little touch to a village already known for it's parks and flowers.
As the crews finished their assigned tasks and the cleanup was complete, lunch, donated by area businesses, was provided by village staff members at the Alex Eligh Community Center.


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1 Comment to "Community Spirit Makes Newark Shine"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    I recognize those 2 fellows walking the bank of the Erie Canal as members of the Green Team of Park Presbyterian Church.

    Great weather this time around!

    Posted on Tue Jun 08, 09:47:00 AM EDT


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